The New Year List

Try these ideas to get this new year started off on a good note (or any time you may want to start fresh or get focused on improving your vibration)

  1. Choose a theme for your year. If you had to choose one word (or however many you want!) what would that word be?  For me, 2016 is about ALIGNMENT + COURAGE.
  2. Instead of creating New Years resolutions—create themes for each month or choose one thing you’d like to accomplish for each month. Write it down, put it on your calendar.  For example, for January my theme is—COMPLETION (I have several projects I want done and off my plate).
  3. If you can, don’t work the first day of the year. Make it a sacred day for rest, reflection and creating your vision for the coming year. This is a great way to start 2016—making it about you, your desires and getting clear about the EXACT SORT OF YEAR  you want to create. Clarity + action = results.
  4.  Clean your space. Get rid of old stuff. Fix things that need to be fixed. Clear your space, both physically and energetically, to pave the way for a clear, peaceful start to your new year.
  5. Remember this! January 6th-26th, 2016 is a Mercury Retrograde. Use this time to not freak out about Retrogrades—but instead use it to work through a personal communication issue you may have. Reach out to that person you have been meaning to connect with. Do that thing you have been meaning to do for yourself, but have been too busy. Retrogrades are a time to go inward, work on communication and they are an excellent time to work through past issues, wounds or places seven felt held back. They are not a big scary deal like so many people make them out to be.
  6. Be nice. Smile more today and for the year ahead. All sorts of smart science folks say that simply smiling more can make us happier—plus it make others feel good too.
  7. Get out, donate your time. Be generous. Help a friend.
  8. Write some nice letters (and actually send them!)
  9. Stay in bed. Snuggle longer. Hug more.
  10. Get out in nature and enjoy all that it has to offer. REALLY see the trees, the mountains, the streams and rivers. Soak it up. Let it help you center and ground.
  11. Get clear about what you want this year to FEEL like. Get clear about how you want to feel, what you want to do and the person you want to be this year.
  12. Be vigilant about your energy this new year. Make it your #1 priority to be in the drivers seat when it comes to your energy. It’s a choice to feel the way you feel.  It’s a choice to think the things you think. And both of those things, added together equal the energy you give out (and determines the energy you get back) Master your energy and you will get to experience what it’s like to create miracles on a regular basis. You will get to know whats it’s really like to manifest your dreams, desire and wants.
  13. And let’s not forget a good mantra/meditation to get your energy aligned for a brilliant year ahead!

Above all else, remember that this year will be whatever you choose it to be. I know it may sound too simplistic, or even maybe idealistic—but it’s the truth.

We were given the amazing power of choice so that we can create lives we love. It doesn’t mean we get to choose every thing that happens in the world, or to us—but we do get to choose how we react. We get to choose how we feel and what we think on a day to day basis—which is how we determine what comes back our way.

I truly hope you choose to make 2016 one of your best years yet.

A year of love, health, prosperity and joy.

I will be right here, cheering you on, offering you support in the form of article, coaching, retreats and a few new programs I will roll out in 2016.

Much love to you!