The 2015 list


  1. year Dream vacation to France and Italy with my daughters
  2. Incredible vacation to Mallorca, Spain with my husband
  3. Incredible vacation to Turks and Cacaos with my husband
  4. NYC for the holidays. Love this city and if you’re there, go check out the Chelsea market!
  5. Having my daughter move to the South with us!  One down, one to go!
  6. Having my daughter who lives in Oregon come stay with us in November
  7. Love, health and prosperity. These 3 thing are always top on my list and this year I am so grateful to have had all those things and more!
  8. The awareness that I don’t have to get it all done, that I don’t need to save the world, the animals and the environment. God has it. My prayers and offerings of peace and love and the greatest gift I can offer (plus a few charities…..see below)
  9. Catching up with a few friends that I haven’t seen in awhile—priceless


Books I loved this year—

  1. The Book of Life by Deborah Harkness. This is the final book in her All Souls trilogy. Read all three if you can.
  2. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.  Great non-fiction read by this incredible author.
  3. Brave Enough by Cheryl Strayed. Book of quotes and life shares from the best selling author of Wild.
  4. A Course in Miracles by Helen Schucman and William Thetford. This has been around forever, but I am on my second year of the workbook and it has been transformational, to say the least.
  5. Launch by Jeff Walker. This is the only business book I will list. If you have an online business or a product to launch, he is the guy to learn from.

Stuff, gadgets and garments that I adore—

  1. Vintage typewriters from this guy. My husband bought me one for Christmas and I cried when I opened it. Will I write a book on it? Perhaps!
  2. Skincare that I love—Arcona and Eminence.
  3. Jasmine pearl tea is my favorite new tea (and I’m a coffee drinker)
  4. To get you off your phone and truly IN YOUR LIFE—check out this super cool idea.
  5. Anything by Kuhl. My favorite new brand for warm coats.
  6. I am a denim freak. Mother jeans are my new denim crush.
  7. Focus@will—music for your brain to help with focus while you work.
  8. Champagne—Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label is my favorite bubbly and will be on the menu tonight!

Charities that I supported this year—

  1. Saving the Survivors—heartbreaking what people do these rhinos. Heartwarming what this organization is doing to help.
  2. Helping Syrian refugees. This woman, Zoe Wild is a friend of a friend. She is on the forntlines, helping where its needed. There are such good people in the world.

Online sites + people that are on my radar right now—

  1. The Middle Finger Project with Ash Ambirge.  For writers, business owners or anyone who wants to laugh + learn a little. She swears, writes like a badass and loves wine. It was love at first read.
  2. Alexandra Franzen. She is a writer extraordinare! I love her. She doesn’t do social media—at all. I am close behind her on this one.
  3. Jenny Shih.  I am working with Jenny right now. Incredible business coach!

Those are a few of the things that topped my list this year. What about you?  If you can, take time today to reflect on 2015—create your own list.

What worked for you? What do you want more of, less of?

Make 2016 the year to get crystal clear about what you desire and then keep checking back here with me for ways to turn your wishes, wants and desires—into your everyday reality.

Big Blessings!