Hello gorgeous soul.  I don’t know about you, but I get bored–super fast. So, as part of my spiritual formula—I need change, new things, fresh ideas, adventures and TRAVEL—in order to feel alive, happy and in tip-top shape.

Can you relate?

So just know—if we work together—it won’t be a cookie cutter sort of thing.

Because we aren’t cookie cutter types of people, right?

It may take place over Skype, at my home, in Paris, Provence, Mallorca, the South (US . . . it’s more charming than you may think). 

It may involve yoga, shopping, wine, meditation, good food, laughter and maybe some good tears. It will definitely involve getting clear about what’s been holding you back, what you desire + how to make that happen. 

 I LOVE working with women who are truly ready to roll up their sleeves and get on their right path, discover their truth, allow their light and put a plan in place to LIVE THAT TRUTH.

 Maybe you desire—

  • Strategies + advice on how to raise your vibration in order to attract more of what you want in your life.
  • A deeper, more clear understanding of how to make powerful, life transforming choices.
  • Insight to uncover and shift hidden patterns, beliefs and energetic blocks.
  • Strategies about setting powerful intentions.
  • A deeper connection to your passions, power and purpose.
  • Customized format that addresses your specific desires and intentions.
  • Connection + you time. 
 The value of learning and integrating these things is—priceless. When you spend $100 on coaching, consulting or counseling—you are most likely to do $100 worth of work on yourself. In other words, it’s not really that big of a deal—it’s only $100.
On the other hand, when you take a stand, go out of your comfort level and invest an amount that may have you squirming in your seat a bit (because don’t most of us, especially women, feel we shouldn’t spend money on ourselves?) then you show up in a far bigger way.
You pay attention, you do the work, you make the changes. It matters more. 


I have seen it time and time again, both with clients and myself personally. When I invested in getting more clear about my purpose and invested at a level that made me a tad bit uncomfortable—I wrote a best-selling  book, healed relationships that I thought were beyond healing,  increased our income substantially, manifested miracles consistently + finally felt truly joyful.

It happened because I invested at a level that was beyond my comfort level—and the rewards were significant.  Can it be done without spending gobs of money? Yes, it can! But my experience is that people work harder towards achieving their goals, desires and dreams—when their hard earned dollars are involved in a bigger way. 

Thats how it happened for me anyway! 

Private, one-on-one coaching days are for those who are ready to understand what is holding them back, experience breakthroughs and leave with a unique guide for creating a life based on their own personal truth.


This is for women who want to turn their desires into their reality.  

You are tired of waiting. You are ready.  So, let’s do this! 

Big Blessings,




p.s   another amazing way for us to spend some quality time together is at my FRANCE RETREATS. Currently, we are headed to Southern France next summer for an upscale personal pilgrimage that will be a perfect blend of working on getting clear about manifesting your desires while also enjoying the exquisite surroundings of this area (the villages, the sea, the food, the WINE . . . plus a few extra surprises)



The LOVE . . .

“Carrie Jolie Dale cuts through the spiritual smog that is peppering so much of the self-help scene today—to give a wildly honest, revealing and cut-to-the-chase account of her own awakening. Her message is firmly rooted in the awareness that you are your own guru—there is none above you—and she has a fierce call for us all to embrace this truth within ourselves. Her story is infused with essential life wisdom and is sure to both entertain and inspire.”  kc-baker

—KC Baker, Speaking Trainer and two-time Tedx Speaker     


“Carrie Dale is a smart, deeply caring, no-nonsense sort of gal who can get to the heart of the matter and support you in creating your authentic Masterpiece of a Life. She is a beautiful, insightful soul who has taught me much about taking the reins, consciously creating, and following through with self-loving discipline. Thank you, Carrie, you’ve truly blessed my life!”

—Rachelle Raven, LifeStylist and Sexuality Coach     6a00d834c7e5f169e20191023548d7970c-800wi