Helloooo there! My name is Carrie. 

I’m a writer with a passion for personal growth, psychology and helping people create energetically rich, high-vibe lives. 

I work with the soul searchers, the seekers and the movers and shakers . . . to help you pull back the veil and start living YOUR truth, YOUR way and aligned with YOUR soul. 

If you are eager to understand more about the world of energy and personal growth, so you can become the best damn person (or CEO, writer, coach, parent, unicorn🦄) you can be—then we may be a match. 

But how about a little personal growth without all the . . . unnecessary labels, stigmas, and baggage? 

You know, like the prayer beads, patchouli, and those horrible shoes—CROCS. 

My belief is that we can be into the energetic, personal growth worlds and be our OWN DAMN SELVES.

We don’t have to fit into any old box that doesn’t work for us.

We can grow, evolve and learn more about that manifesting sh*t AND wear stylish shoes while doing it. 

Can I have an AMEN?!

Aside from mentoring and coaching in the personal growth and spiritual worlds—I help entrepreneurs and business owners create compelling and energetically aligned copy that truly represents their messaging and goals for their businesses.   

You may want . . . 

  • to have a clear understanding of your energy (vibration), how it impacts your life & biz and how to change it to create more of what you want. You’d like to shorten the learning curve and get it straight from someone who has a proven track record with these things (hand raise).
  • a fresh set of eyes on your copy or any writing project so that you can attract the RIGHT clients and earn bank. 

I think we can have fun, drink a little wine, do our work in the world, maybe even swear a little AND still become great people (enlightened even).

I think we can let go of the stick about being perfect. I think we can learn to go with the flow a little more. 

I think we can all just chill out in our perfect imperfection. 

Because who says personal growth has to be all prayer beads, perfection, and patchouli? Not MOI. 

What you’ll find here is a 111% commitment to helping people create energetically rich lives & businesses. A beautiful blend of the practical (13+ years in psychology and personal growth worlds) with the magical and spiritual realms (lifetimes and counting). 

Still with me? Yay. Let’s cut through all this online b.s and connect like humans used to. Go here and grab a spot if you’re feeling it. Let’s get to know each other like we did back in the 90’s. 😎

Love notes about Carrie’s writing & intuitive sessions . . .


“Thank you for believing in me, helping me get clear on a few sticky topics.  I am looking forward to clearing my space and removing energies, raising my vibrations with your help. Thanks also for your time and sharing your knowledge.”

Jennifer D., UK

“Love this message Carrie. I want you to know I enjoy your emails! Take care!”

Courtney C., Bend

“So amazing Carrie Dale this book will change lives. You should be so proud! xoxoxo Bisous”

Tara Marino

“Beautiful words and a stunning awareness of the truth of our lives… we are not here to enjoy perfect days without problems, rather, to find meaning and perfection in acceptance and growth. wow, so inspired and moved by you. Bisous.”

Erika C.

“Carrie, beautiful blog post. I got goosebumps reading it. Way to go and thank you for the message.”

Joe C. California

“Wow!!!! This was like reading an entry to my own diary. You truly spoke to my soul. As you have said, we have a choice in how we react. I am choosing to see the beauty in every rejection. Thank you for reminding me of that. I really needed it”

Reji R.

“Carrie…I am not kidding when I say that I CANNOT put your book down and it came upon me at the PERFECT time!! Bravo!!! It’s awesome. I have 2 choices and I choose to ‘feel good’… love you and SO incredibly happy for you as I know (and remember) how much this book meant to you!!!!”

Dana Canneto

“We saw you on tinybuddha.com and loved what you wrote. We’re reaching out because we’d love to have you write for us as well.”
Sivana Community

“Every word you write here is spot on. You could not have described the healing process more accurately!

I especially liked this, “To move on, transcend, and grow from any painful experience requires courage, willingness, and the belief that you can choose to see your past differently—that you can feel differently about it and free yourself from the chains of pain.”

You are exactly right, I couldn’t have started 7 years ago without this.”


“Your vulnerability was so beautiful and penetrated my heart. I started your book yesterday. It is SO raw and so real. I slept so well last night. I think something with your words resonated with me, and I feel so peaceful. Thank you. For sharing your struggles, strengths, and heart. You are loved.”

Stacey Brown Roy

“I acknowledge you for sending fabulous newsletters…always at the right time. It is certainly one I read the same day and read it again….no deleting here:-) Thank you so much for your wisdom and compassion.”

Saskia J.