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Who is this Carrie chick?

  • Loving momma to two highly spirited daughters. 
  • Loving wife to the man who still makes my heart pitter patter–11 years strong.
  • Lover of growth, accountability, leaving the world a better place for our kids, nature, fun, travel, peak health, spiritual and motivational writing (with an occasional boost of sarcasm and chuckles), food (this is huge for me) and anything that has to do with France. And my dog—he is the cutest one in the universe.
  • I am a lover of woo-woo AND the worldly.  I am passionate about the spiritual, soul stuff, as well as luxury, travel, fashion and generally living a high vibration, abundant life. It’s a perfect blend of earthy + elegant. 
  • Crazed Advocate of Choices. I am all about choice. Choice is what allows us the chance to live epic lives. Choice is freedom, beauty, truth and possibility. It can also be complete misery if you don’t know how to use your choices wisely and consciously.

Our common bond

We all want similar things—health, wealth, love, sense of purpose, passion, + peace.

We all want the good things.

We all have choices. That is our gift—depending on what we do with it.

Our life and what we make of it—is ultimately a culmination of the choices we have made—or haven’t made.

Health is a choice. Wealth is a choice. Peace is a choice. Joy is a choice. Resentment is a choice. Anger is a choice.

How we live our lives, is largely a choice. If we want a better life, it’s all about making better choices.

Simple, right?

Not always. Sometimes it’s not always so easy to actually see the connection between our results in life and the choices we make.

Sometimes we need an outside perspective to get that clarity and make those changes.

My a-ha moment 

I was an expert at making the wrong choices. I made some doozies.

I drank too much. I partied like a rock star. I filled myself with all the wrong things. I crashed and burned. 

The beauty is that through those mistakes, pain and bad choices, I learned a great deal. I learned how to take anything and turn it into a positive.

I realized that I really had 2 choices in this life. 

I could choose to live life—ALIVE + in my truth. 

OR, I could choose to live life asleep, afraid, unhappy, small, shallow and disconnected (no thanks, had enough)

And so from all the pain, drama and disconnect came some pretty amazing discoveries about success, manifesting, God and living out our ultimate paths here on planet earth.

I was given a HUGE gift and a BIG SECOND CHANCE IN MY LIFE. 

Now it’s time to share. 

You and I

Do you like health, travel, quality time with friends and family, nature, beauty, conscious people, love, good food, luxury, laughter, joy, freedom, luxury and coffee? 

Then yes, we are a fit (it’s ok if you don’t like coffee)

In all seriousness (which happens on occasion with me) if you are simply ready to set aside the story you’ve been telling yourself, for why don’t feel the way you want to feel and why you don’t have the things in your life that you really desire to have—then yes . . . we are most undeniably a fit. 

I have a strong desire to love and serve those who really want to roll up their sleeve and find their passion + consious power. 

Women who benefit the most from working with me are glass half full people, and have done some personal and spiritual work.

I don’t work or surround myself with chronic whiners, complainers or excuse makers. There, I said it.  Why would anyone want that? If we truly want to raise our vibration in life—we need to be selective and choosy about what energy we allow in. 

I don’t mean that we cant talk about the past. Yes, we can. I don’t mean it’s not ok to EVER whine or complain.  I am referring to a pattern of whining, complaining and excuse making. There is a difference betwen the occasional whine, complaint and excuse and a chronic state of these things.

My intention for YOU 

My intention is to see you discover the power of your conscious choices + learn the keys to manifesting—so you can do this on your own.

So you can be  your own expert and live a life your grandma would be proud of (or maybe your favorite rock star, but definitely NOT the Kardashians)