11 Day Energy Cleanse

 End the year with grace & gratitude & set the tone for an amazing, prosperous, joy and miracle filled 2017!

  • Create a base of calm and joy for the remainder of the year—end it on a strong energetic frequency

  • Get daily, simply tips to keep you on track energetically

  • If you skip a day or two, you can start the 11 day energy cleanse when it works for you! Ideally, we want to start at some point before the year ends, so we can begin the year with strong energy and clear intention for the new year 

  • Get grounded and learn to set powerful, on point intentions to start 2017 off with beauty, truth and gratitude

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Carrie Jolie Dale is an author, choice strategist and manifesting ninja. Her passion and expertise with manifesting and spiritual practices spans over 2 delightful decades. Carrie’s intention is to help take the frustration and mystery out of manifesting and living a spiritually fulfilling life—and help people get real, lasting results.  Whether you’re looking to improve your health, make more money or attract your soul mate—you can get on track to any and all of those things by learning a few basic strategies + sticking to it consistently.

Carrie does not promise or allude to overnight success (although it’s totally possible) or immediate quick fixes. Her advice is tried and tested— but she will be the first to say that it takes work and commitment to make big changes in your life. She would also say that she is living proof that anyone can go from miserable to miraculous with the principles she personally used to turn her life around.

Her biggest passions in life are her kiddos, her husband, anything that has to do with France (join us there in 2017!), mentoring women visionaries, healers and rebels and living a spiritually led, energetically rich life.  It’s not always magic and it isn’t always easy, but it’s so, so worth it.

Drop us a note if you have questions!

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