11 Steps to Attract Prosperity


11 steps to attract (and keep) prosperity


  • Create Uninterrupted Time + Space. Make this time free of interruptions, clutter and distraction. If you are serious about attracting (and keeping) prosperity, then it needs to be important enough to you to set aside time to do this. You are looking for 15-30 minutes. Don’t bother with the next step if you’re not going to do this one (and go straight to my post about how critical it is to have “you time”). If it matters, you will set aside the time and actually follow through ( sorry to be a hard ass, but will you hate me if the $$$ and joy starts rolling in?)


  • Create Your Personal Prosperity List. Write down a list of 5-10 (or more) things that feel prosperous and rich to you. I want you to come up with a list that gets you EXCITED. This can be weekly massages, $100 a month to your favorite charity, a new Porsche, a trip to Paris, college funds for the kids or your mortgage paid off. Write things that seem attainable, but also put the big hitters on there—the big dream stuff. They may seem a bit unreachable and uncomfortable, guilty or selfish (the biggest way we keep ourselves from having conscious wealth is guilt)


  • Feelings/Thoughts About the List. Next to the list that your created, write down the feelings that arise when you think about having those things. Do you feel guilty about having a Porsche? Does it feel grounding and balancing to get those weekly massages or do you feel uncomfortable for spending it on what you want and not your ________?(most often with those of us who are moms, we will always put our kids before us. this can be a mistake and can keep us very separate from attracting prosperity)


  • Identify the Good/Bad Feelings. If you have more feelings of guilt and shame (“I really shouldn’t”) then it’s time to work on letting go of those old stories and feelings. Please don’t skim through this part. This is really the part where you can identify hidden, sneaky self-sabotaging beliefs about wealth and prosperity. Many of us think we don’t have them, but when you choose that “big dream” item on your list, get quiet, feel what it feels like to have if you were to already possess it and then if there are any of those sneaky wealth saboteurs, you will feel them right away. 


  • Becoming Aware + Choosing Another Way to Feel.  Now comes the part that stops many people. You’ve identified the stuck places around money + prosperity. Maybe it’s that you feel guilt or greed that there isn’t enough, that your big dreams may harm the environment or that they are selfish.  Now you must CHOOSE to let go of those negative feelings and substitute them with feelings and thoughts that are an energetic improvement. You have to learn to choose feelings that are just a step above. You don’t have to jump from guilt to 100% confidence, but aim and commit to a slight shift and improvement in feelings. 


  • The Work of Releasing the Pesky Negative Thoughts + Feelings. Habits are hard to break. But here is the main reason why people either fail at creating any sort of change—they don’t want to do the work involved. This does take work, not going to lie. You have created neural pathways of thoughts and habitual feelings that are either moving you closer to what you want or further from it. If you aren’t prosperous and want to be—there will be change involved. And there will be work involved as well. But I am not talking about moving mountains. I am simply talking about baby steps in making changes with your feelings and thoughts.Your work here is to acknowledge there’s work involved, commit and follow through. 


  • Be a curious observer of your thoughts. Get more ninja about observing what you really think (is it an energy or vibe that is higher, or more pure and can therefore attract more the same?) or is it an energy of vibe of doubt, fear, lack of, victimhood. Our feelings are our guides and they are also the very things that attract or repel things to us. If you want prosperity, you can’t feel bad about having it. Those are conflicting messages.  If you desire prosperity, you gotta feel good about having it.   Observe the thoughts so you can switch from being the one who runs the show with feelings and thoughts and not the unconscious feeler/thinker


  • Now that you are working on moving from possibly being a bit detached and unconscious about your feelings to being conscious and curious…..you’re going to set an intention around prosperity. An intention is sort of a mission statement on steroids (or something way healthier—maybe ginseng or green tea) If the mapping out and understanding of how your feelings and thoughts is the “bread and butter” then the intention part is main entrée. Your intention is your mast. Its what sails your energetic vessel (you) in either the direction your want to head ( your path) or sink the boat altogether ( read my book The 2 Choices to understand this better) Your intention is the desire, the dream, the thing you want to experience in a certain time frame. It’s like oure going in and actualy pre-planning how something will be. Give example. Intetnions are moment to momenty or specific time periods. Way to set the vibe of an expeireicn before it happens


  • Create Your list. This is your choice list. The list of things you want manifested. They are the ones you will be working to truly make come true, so take time to make sure they are the ones


  • Revisit your list weekly. Pratice setting intetions with anyting you do. Oberse and manage your feelings and thougths.


  • Enjoy, let go and get in the habit of feeling better, good and great! Because no matter what the topic ir, not matter what the cream or desire, if you just learn to get yourself super masterful with feeling good—all sort of adbunce with natrully come to you. Its universal law .  the “trick” and secret is to become a wizard at feeling good no matter what. Because when your energy is authentically and genuinely good then more goodness comes to you.