Of course you want to feel good about your life. 

Of course you want to live life on your terms. 

Who doesn’t want a life they love, with less restrictions and more FREEDOM? A life that doesn’t feel like you are boxed in. Stuck. Bored. Blah.  

But the truth is—creating a life that your truly, sincerely, deeply love is a little more involved than simply making a list, reading a few books and joining a mastermind.

Sorry to be a Debbie Downer. 

You understand that there’s work involved with creating a life you love—you get it. And you’d like to find a way to take your commitment and desire to change and turn it into results.

Real results. Not another list of intentions and goals that sits next to your nightstand and gathers dust bunnies. No more waiting for next year to take the vacation. No more waiting until________ so you can be happier. No more waiting for the ideal situation, so you can feel like your life has finally started.

I get it. I’ve been there. And I understand.

Hey. I’m Carrie Jolie. ClaireMorrisPhotography_011

I help women get out of the frustration zone —and get into a new way of thinking and feeling that helps them get on track to living a life that lights them up.  

From flicker to flame.           

Is it magic that changes everything overnight?

No, it isn’t magic. Not always. 

But I will tell you that when you learn to be in the driver’s seat with your feelings and thoughts (which equals your energy)—you do feel like you can move mountains.

And that does start to feel magical. 

It’s that sort of magical feeling you get when the repeating numbers show up (11:11, 2:22, 1:23, etc.) or when the person you were just thinking about calls you. It’s all those little life synchronicites that appear when you are in your zone.

Or, as the great author and thought leader Gail Hendricks refers to it, your ZONE OF GENIUS.

So while I may not be able to help with the dust bunnies—I can show you how to get on track to creating more of what you DO WANT and less of what you DON’T WANT.

And if that’s not enough, then on to moving mountains.

So Why Me?  

Good question. The short answer is that I am fun, I like good wine and I’m a sucker for anything French.  And isn’t that enough? Wine, fun and France?

We may have to break up right here, if it isn’t.

And the more serious answer is that I have a kick ass life that hasn’t happened by accident. In fact, most of the amazing ones don’t (lives, not asses : )

The abbreviated version of my story is that I went through a series of painful life experiences that I chose to use as opportunities for growth, rather than roadblocks.

The short version of those painful life experiences (PLE’s, I like to call them) is—

  • being adopted and then dealing with the emotional baggage that came along with that experience. 
  • having a severe head trauma at the age of 4 (giant display table fell on my head) and being in a coma for a short period, anti-seizure meds for a good decade and all the fun that goes along with a head injury at age 4. And of course a lifetime of jokes about having a head injury……too many.  
  • getting a degree in psychology (ok, this wasn’t that painful) and then taking that hard earned degree (and my parents investment) and becoming a dancer (not the ballet kind). Basically, I was a stripper with a psych degree. I was a red-hot mess. 
  • overcoming a ten year battle with bulimia.
  • going through a painful divorce and sorting through the guilt, and stress that goes along with a high conflict divorce. 

And it feels sort of weird to list my PLE’s in bullet points. But you know . . . they are a list to me now.

They are simply a list of things I was meant to face, so I could grow into the person I am today.  I am grateful for all of those experiences and even more grateful for the support and love that came my way over the years, so that I could grow into that person.

Because we can’t do it alone. Not all of it anyway. We aren’t meant to. We are meant to help each other and get help. We are in this—together.

You can see challenges as a gift or a bummer. You can see the glass as half empty or half full. 

And that’s really what the core my message is—that you have two choices when it comes to living your life at 100%.

  1. To take what life gives you and learn from it, appreciate it (yep, even the painful stuff) grow and let it get you closer to your truth. It’s the making lemonade outta lemons thing.
  2. Or to use what happens to you in life as a reason to hide, be a victim, be disconnected from your truth and to not really live at all.

 Two choices—one is about you saying “hell yes” to your life.

The other is everything that works against that “hell yes.”

If you are ready to set aside the story you’ve been telling yourself about why you don’t feel the way you want to feel and why you don’t have the things in your life that you really desire to have—then we are most undeniably a fit.

Women who benefit the most from working with me are glass half full women.

I don’t work or surround myself with chronic whiners, complainers or excuse makers.

There—I said it.  

Why would anyone want that? If we truly want to raise our vibration in life—we need to be selective and choosy about what energy we allow in.

I don’t mean that we can’t talk about the past. Yes, we can. I don’t mean it’s not ok to EVER whine or complain.  But a pattern of whining, complaining and excuse making is pas bien (not good) and won’t get you headed to happy land.

And happy land is a great place to hang out.

You want . . . 

  • To love your life.
  • To be excited to get up in the morning, rather than dreading what’s ahead . . . that’s not living. 
  • To get to the point where you know how to create what you want—where you’re the expert now. The “you” expert. Just you—living a life your grandma would be proud of (or maybe your favorite rock star, but definitely NOT the Kardashians).

Maybe you have been where I was—at a low, in a series of life messes, an ugly divorce, a burned out mom with frisky toddlers, tween or teens, an overwhelmed entrepreneur, a frustrated soul searcher.  

I get it.  I do.

But you can’t get to your next best place in life, unless you make the choice to change and then get guidance and support when it’s needed.

And humbly, but courageously keep going until you find what you’re looking for.  

Keep going. It’s worth it.



p.s.  if you want more help . . . . Click here to link to my offerings page and see what’s up.  If you are a spiritual mover and shaker, ready to take it to the next level—I am sure our paths will cross ; )

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