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The Only Two Choices That Matter

If I stumbled across this heading, I would probably be like . . . no way!

Get outta here. Only two?

No one is gonna tell me I only have two choices! I mean come on, we live for our choices, don’t we?

The Importance of Make Believe

Hello all you lovely souls!

This year is off to such a great start and I feel—in rapture. 

Rapture = 1. ecstatic joy or delight; joyful ecstasy. 2. the carrying of a person to another place or sphere of existence.

Yep, that is how I feel. And it is truly delightful because it’s such a huge departure from where I used to be which was—NOT RAPTURE.

I was in the red-hot mess zone. 

I was in the dumps, the doldrums, and the down and outs.

And now, after immersing myself in the concept of choice, writing a book about choice and just generally starting every day knowing it’s MY CHOICE in how the day goes—without one shadow of a doubt— I know that how I live is a choice.

Being a red hot mess was my choice.

Being down and out was my choice.

Being miserable, broke and unhealthy was a choice.

Just as being ecstatic, happy, joy filled, wealthy or health is a choice.

And what was the big shift? What happened?

It had a lot to do with the realization of choice, for sure and it also had a lot to do with being a bigger and better day-reamer.

It had a lot to do with rekindling the fire of make believe.

Of getting back into the wonder, dreamer, visionary and playful realm.

Because don’t we all sorta feel, at some point, we need to listen to our parents, teachers, preachers, grandparents, best friends dad, that other expert person (or whoever……you get the point) and STOP MAKE BELIEVE-ing?

We tell ourselves . . . . .”It’s a kid thing after all—to make believe. We need to focus and get busy, get it done and set our goals. We need to put childish day dreams aside and be the workhorses we are here to be.”

UM, HELL NO! I don’t relate to that story. I want to dream. I want to pretend and see the thing I want (the make believe) so clearly that I know it’s only a matter of time before it shows up (and the more faithfully you believe, the faster it comes)

What turned my life from mess to miracle—was being able to keep my dreams alive by allowing a very sacred time for make believe and then choosing things in my life that supported that become real.

You dream. You dream with such unwavering faith that eventually that dream, that make believe thing—is made real.

The belief you hold in such rapture, simply and naturally becomes part of your world.

It’s simple, is it not?

Simply choose to dream. Simply choose make believe.

Make believe—is pure genius. And, a life saver if I do say so myself.  With it, the sky is the limit. 

You can create the healthy body and mind you want. You can create happiness, love and wealth. You can heal that strained family relationship. You can create a life based on desires rather than others’ expectations. You can simply be happier. 



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Coming Your Way Soon—Mercury Retrograde

This one is gonna be good!  

It’s about re-invention.

outer space planets artwork 1920x1080 wallpaper_www.wallpaperhi.com_73

I LOVE RE-ANYTHING!  IT SIGNIFIES A  FRESH START.  It means we get to re-do, re-claim, re-focus, re-learn, re-love, re-choose + re-member. 

Want better health, more wealth, that hunky love partner, or world peace? You get to reinvent what that means for you now. 

Dear Souls . . . there is truly no need to EVER freak out or be worried about things. Worry is not a vibration that attracts what you want.

Worrying isn’t high vibration (and plus it feels horrible)

The Top 10

Carrie’s Top 10 List—The Big Kahunas (the things that have impacted my life on a grand + spectacular scale)

  • Commitment to awareness. This has to top my list, because without this in the lead—there wouldn’t be a list. I wouldn’t really think about it. I would be largely unaware of my life. In the past, I “lived” life asleep on so many levels. Asleep and numb to how I really felt, what I really wanted and what was truly possible. And when I made the choice to step into being committed to being aware (of my feelings, my thoughts, my reactions and the overall vibe of my life)—I began to get way more tuned into what truly mattered to me. Once you know what you truly desire—you are one step closer to receiving it. 

God (Spirit, Source) never leaves you . . .

My blog—among many other things—is a spiritual blog. 

 It is a blog about living life awake, aware and happy. And about choosing what we love—what lights us up inside. 














And even the word spiritual is so watered down that it doesn’t even come close to what I want to convey. 

It isn’t a blog about pushing and struggling to find ones purpose. It is about just being true to you.

Your energy is the secret sauce . . .

I am all about energy.  You are all about energy (whether you believe it or not). Life is all about energy. 



After years of trying to figure out how to manifest what I wanted (and boatloads of failures) what I realized is that I was trying to pretend my way into things, rather than actually feeling my way into them—authentically.  And then there were other times, that I just wasn’t being conscious at all about how I was feeling. I just sort of  letting my feelings run the show.

The things we fear the most . . .





















Are the very things we need to experience and move through in order to get to the happy, connecting, real and beautiful elements of our lives that WE HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR.  Sometime you may have to S-T-R-E-T-C-H out beyond your comfort zone in order to get that next thing on your wish list.

About your awesomeness . . .

5480a5c38841c9cb610e5ea8For my readers who don’t know, I just made a massive move from Oregon to South Carolina.

And for those of you who also may not know—it was a monumental deal.

Phew………like a serious massive deal. Yowza.

I am not at all afraid of change. In fact, I would say I am one of those people who require change in my life, or I get bored (and then I get feisty). 

But this move wasn’t just a geographical move. It was a spiritual, next phase, evolution, growth and big leap move.